The Gathering, offically known as The Congregational Church of Menifee, was founded in November 2015, by a group of people searching for a church where everyone would be welcomed, accepted and lifted up, not dismissed, forgotten or hurt.

Founded by Dr. Art Peterson and led by Rev. Alicia Riedy, we believe in the inspired word of God, the Bible, founded on the principles of the early congregational churches of the 1600's, sometimes known as the "Church of the Pilgrims." 

Where God is put first. Where His word is taught. Where His only begotten Son would be celebrated through His birth, life, teachings, death and resurrection.

Thus began The Gathering. A group of people who found renewed faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And who have found acceptance for everyone.


Join us for Bible Study at 10:00 am and worship at 11:00 am Sundays at the Kay Ceniceros Center, located at 29995 Evans Road, Menifee, California.