Kit Masters, Inc. manufactures heavy-duty aftermarket components, specializing in re-manufactured fan clutches, rebuild kits and accessories. Kit Masters was founded in 1996, in the garage, by the father and son team of Keith and Darrin Swanson. From the first day the two entrepreneurs were guided by these principles: Manufacture the highest quality products possible. Never sacrifice quality for the sake of cost or speed. They understood the market was accustomed to generally good components, and they also witnessed other aftermarket companies struggle to provide lesser quality products solely on the basis of price. Keith and Darrin were determined to provide a “better than OEM quality replacement for OEM.” They achieved this by focusing on the individual components. “If attention, research, and testing is applied to each individual component, and each individual component is produced with better quality, then the finished product will be produced with better quality.” Be the technical experts. In an industry where aftermarket fan clutch products were often being provided as but one small part of a company’s larger offering, Kit Masters endeavored to become experts in both their products and their market. Be easy to do business with. Commonly stated but rarely practiced. Kit Masters sought the advice of our distributor colleagues. We structure our policies to support our customers. Same day shipping, 99% fill rate, low freight prepaid policy, easy core policy, easy warranty policy, and a user friendly catalog are only a few examples. It is our natural reaction and desire to say “yes” to our customers. We’ve added regional warehouses across the country to further assist our customers make great profits and excellent inventory rotation.

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