For over 90 years we've made it our business to know the latest styles and colors in home furnishings and decoration; the latest technology in home electronics and the current updated looks and features in major appliances. Whether you're building new or updating your current home, one of our trained, non-commissioned sales staff will take care of your needs and assist you in making comfortable decisions on your purchases. We understand that your home is a direct reflection on you and by shopping Karvonen's, you will be amazed at how much you'll love to go to your home and truly enjoy it! Perhaps, you will merely give a room a facelift with a new paint color that establishes a new color scheme to build on. Perhaps, you will "start from scratch" and do a major re-do and need assistance on new furniture, new appliances, new mattresses, and new electronics to bring your home to a place where dreams are lived! Whatever you decide, we're here to help. Customer satisfaction is the reason we exist. Our number one goal is to satisfy you, the customer, each and everyday!

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