Hello, Everyone! Here is a little bit about me and my journey! Growing up I have always battled being overweight. My great-grandma was a terrific cook and always had something for me to try or eat, even when I wasn't hungry, and I visited her a lot! As I entered junior high, I discovered softball and the weight came off quickly due to being a lot more active. However, when I reached my 20's and became less active, I began to put on more weight. So, by time I reached my 30's, let's just say, It was time to re-evaluate my plan. It took me a year but I was down 95lbs! I wish I could say I have kept the weight off for the past ten years, but not true! However, I have learned a lot more over the past few years. For me, finding happiness. How did I do this? Through educating myself on how to become mindful and understanding that my journey is not something that happens overnight. It is something I work towards everyday. When I start to feel weak and think is this worth it? I remember to be mindful, do some positive self-talk, and look for support! While achieving my certification in nutrition coaching through Precision Nutrition, I have come to understand how important wellness can be to everyone. I have incorporated it into maintaining control when making choices. Here's the kicker, so can you! Yes-everyone controls their own journey. It can be as simple as motivation and support. I am here to help with getting you started! There are many challenges when it comes to food. Personally, I have let it control me, emotionally, physically, and even occupationally. The struggle is real and it is a journey but it can be done! After completing my courses, whether it be nutrition classes, group support, personal coaching or signing up for a challenge, you will have a much better understanding of healthy choices! Hope to see you on your journey soon!

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